Noir: The Bête Noire

We returned to our table as the waiter served the drinks, took our meal order and retreated.

“So, Mrs Otellio, what’s this about?”

“Don’t call me that, Nick. I never took Vincenzo’s last name. Just as well.”


“The man is a pig. I didn’t see that side of him until we’d married. He thinks I’m just something pretty that he can hang on his arm. I deserve better than that and I regret the day I met him. I want a divorce but he won’t give it to me.”

She paused for a while, then continued.

“Randall and I parted on good terms. Our marriage wasn’t working. He found me too… adventurous, shall we say?… and I found him too staid. We loved each other but it wasn’t enough. He gave me something that I treasure highly: a gold necklace with a large, smoky diamond pendant. The diamond has a name, “The Bête Noire,” the Black Beast. It’s a valuable stone. I want it back."

“Who has it?” I asked.

“Vinnie took it, but he denies it. I’ve looked everywhere, including the safe here in his office.”

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