Noir: Djinn and Tonic

I closed my notepad and laughed. Jeez, that guy really was pissed. I remembered his ugly face as he warned me off, and the glimpse of his shoulder holster. I felt a frisson of fear , as the phantom bullets went through me – kinda pleasurable, from a distance.

I drank sweet water and clung to the bar like a drowning man, adrift in the place. Think, Lambone, think! And not just about her. There was a story here, I knew it. Just a case of finding it without getting beaten up along the way.

“Eff You See Kay,” I mouthed quietly, and then heard the voice behind me.


I turned, and…Jesus, it was him! Fedora-raincoat, standing right begin me like a genie called forth by that magic four-letter word.

“Drink your water and get outta here,” he growled, then drifted away.

I glanced at pinky, with his dainty cup, who now seemed to be giving me the thumbs up. What was with everyone round here?

Finishing my water, I decided I needed something stronger: a little pick-me-up. I signalled the barkeep.

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