... a sound

I am the air and I was never followed

for all those who once knew me were fated not, like me,
to rise.

Upon these clouds, (I rose)
and so far down I hoped to find (and fell)
as ever, searching for the ground:
to which I now am blind.

(without) Whichever countries stretch
(ever…) as eagerly as birds and kittens
to bridge, though near or far, lands
for families and lovers:

Who remembered me once, and by the virtue of their children twice
but generations forgot like the rest:
butterflies flew – and fields of flowers grew -
None did ask of me to stay.

Memories dig tunnels where mountains stand
and raindrops paint rainbows where I was once danced.

Born of the dream that all the World once shared:
to be as Charming as the air
And I was
And I remain
as ever graceful and always thoughtful

I sing now
for none but the God which left me to be

the weightless apple in the woods:

and Down and Up



(a sound)

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