Instant of Infinity

The misfire rocked the house. Indistinct shouts and motion became a blur as everyone rushed to Malcolm’s aid. Emergency calls went out, no doubt the neighbors would be making their own.

And somehow I found his gun in my hand. I may have collected it prior to being shoved out of the way. There I stood in the open doorway, with my wide-eyed neighbor on my front porch.

“I could kill you, Riley.” The words slid out of my mouth as smoothly as the weapon centered on his head. “It’s entirely up to me. You would call the outcome God’s will, but you’re wrong. Live or die, all my choice.”

He froze as the rain slashed yellow through the street lights, head barely shaking in disbelief.

“Remember this moment, Riley.” I lowered the gun. “You can tell whoever you wish, after this. I don’t care. But remember the power I had over your life.”

Blue sirens lit the night. I backed away from the door and sat on the sofa, gun placed quietly on a cushion, waiting for the calm to resume, listening to the fall of rain.

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