The Elemental Queen

The circumstances of my existence have defined me. They have brought me great power and freedom, but also a great deal of torment. Although I am profound; with my abilities to define the winds and weather, my birth has placed me in a throne of unbearable loneliness. I sit up here above them all, forever assigned the position of on-looker. Unable to exchange thoughts, feelings, love..

They set moments in their days aside to ask for things of me. They build churches in my name. They paint the most beautiful pictures of what I must look like to them from a far. Beautiful, happy pictures of me; riding the sea air as if I were light as a feather. Pictures where I send waves crashing down in the winter, sweep flowers over the meadows in the spring, paint the leaves of their trees an array of colors in the fall, and cast a bright light over their world during the summer.

But I am not as light as a feather. Every gesture of wind, of earth, of life..I carry with me a heaviness that can not be alleviated.

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