No sound in space

There’s no sound in space. No one can hear you scream, as the saying goes. No one can hear you talk either. Not when you turn your radio off.

It gets lonely in the belt. No one wants to talk out there. Just focus on your work. Set up the beam drill. Activate the force conveyor. Jet over to the next ‘roid and get to work. A couple of days later, go back to the first ’roid and retrieve the equipment. Set the charges, leave, and you’re done. Setting up takes the least amount of time in this job. It’s all about the travel. There’s a lot of time to think in the spaces between the rocks. Looking out at the everlasting night makes you feel real small.

I first heard the voices a year ago. They were quiet at first, but they got louder. I couldn’t shut them out anymore. So I had to listen. I started to sabotage my equipment. Then I started to sabotage others. Almost got caught once.

I don’t want to kill anyone, but I’m not sure the voices will give me a choice.

They don’t like us destroying their homes.

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