Reality of a Nerd School

Everyone probably knows that there are programs for the smart kids, the geeks, the nerds, or what ever you prefer to call them. Most people dont really know what happens at these schools. Although I’m rather sure that its not what you’d expect.

Lets start at what the classic description of a nerd is… According to the stereotype the nerd is a small scrawny kid with glasses and is typically quiet, does all their work in class, does not need to try hard to get all A’s, and wears pants pulled up to their chest. Thanks to cartoons and movies this description continues to be upheld.

Nerds, you know who you are and you know that as a nerd you do not have to fit this description. Most nerds do not even come close to this stereotype. there are popular nerds, nerds that are good at sports etc.

As for what happens at the school I’d bet its expected to be everyone sits at their desk in rows quietly listens to the teacher talk then will quietly work on the homework right?
No offence but you are very very wrong…

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