Mr Popular

He couldn’t stand it any longer. Something had to be done.

Eyes felt cold on him as he stood, slowly drawing everyone’s attention. His actions were something the onlookers did not wish to miss. He was their leader, their guidance, and, to some, their life.

Gazing around, he never felt more alone in the sea of hanger-ons.

His voice was calm, yet reverberated off the large stone bricks that comprised the room, and most of the building, “You people…” He wanted them to know his displeasure.

“Not a single person here can truly call them self a friend to me. You are all goaded here by your own personal desires, and greed. You only care about what I can give you, what I can do for you, and I tell you this, now, I will aid you no more. You may all leave my home, now.” He fell back into his seat at the head of the table as his guests began whispering rumors amongst themselves. The sound of their voices only irritated him further, “And, I mean now!”

In seconds, they cleared out. He sat alone, like he wanted.

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