One Question (12)

I was starting to become aware of my suppressed emotional state. As he spoke about what the Arbiters knew about the human race, I began to feel the suppression lifting.

They are carefully managing my awareness and understanding.

I now had pressure building within me to understand the gravity of my predicament.

How did I get here?

I could not recall how I arrived into the great holding cell I was in moments ago.

“You were chosen to face this Council of Judgment via a complex selection process. You may wish to know that the group has monitored the human race over many of your centuries. According to our operational laws, only after certain milestones and accomplishments observed from your race would this proceeding be necessary.”

Clear your mind. Listen and prepare.

“Let us be clear, you personally are in no danger at all. We are bound to return you to Earth when this trial is over,completely unharmed. You will be reprogrammed to forget this entire event. Your answer to us is all we seek.”

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