Something's Happened

Inez sat at the bus stop, feeling her pregnant belly grow presently as she sat.
“Hush, child,” she spoke down at it. Alex got her into this mess and here she was, waiting at a bus stop because he was too busy to pick her up. The damn pick up was worthless anyway—no AC, barely got them from point A to point B.
“I shoulda sent you somewhere else. It’s too hot for the two of us in this body,” she sighed as she pat a handkerchief at her neck, “where is that fuckin’ bus?”
The baby kicked, strong. Enough to make Inez hurt, “Alright, I won’t curse. Sorry, kid.”

The streets were too bare for that time of the day and Inez felt the eeriness of it, but she didn’t say a word or think about it too much. She was afraid the demons would hear.

The angry engine of that damn pick up truck rumbled fiercely from down the hill. It was going fast.
Something’s happened. Inez thought as she stood herself up.

Alex swerved and didn’t bother to park as he threw the door open, “Inez, get in the truck. It’s Melinda.”

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