Bruno, Answers (Bruno Part 6)

“See you next week, sir.” The specialist’s secretary winked at Bruno and slid him the reminder slip, complete with a hastily scratched phone number and the name “Kay”. Her lips were full as a strawberry, and looked as fertile as the seeds of a harvest.

In another time or another place Bruno would have given her a call. She was undeniably pretty, and had been nothing but amiable. She was a ripe, unspoiled plum whom he imagined smelled like Mexican vanilla. At her desk, Bruno had noticed photographs of her family and her two dogs, big ones.

Bruno was attracted to this good woman, but his heart was in Louisiana and he knew it.

With a small wave, Bruno exited the office and set off in his orange truck.

Rarely did Bruno drink wine, but tonight he opened up a bottle of Malbec for himself- something to try to make the new one-bedroom feel better. The place felt transitory and unfamiliar.

A ringtone- his phone.

Bruno glanced at the caller ID and swallowed twice, answered.

“Hey Jack.”

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