Bruno, Speaking with Home (Bruno Part 7)

“Ahh, there’s my guy. It’s good to hear your voice, Bruno.” Jack’s tone was stern but understanding.

Bruno’s mind was scrambled eggs. “Hey Jack,” he said again.

“Your mama misses you, ma biche."

“I know, Jack. I oughta call her, huh?”

“Yes. She’s worried sick.”

“How’s Rose doin’?” Bruno thought of the 7 year old girl Jack was fostering now often. She had a soul of hot cocoa and it haunted Bruno’s dreams.

“She misses you too. You give the best piggyback rides in the world, she says.”

Bruno half smiled, half choked. That girl and Jack and Louisiana…

“Bruno, why are you gone?”

Jack was breathing heavily, his heartbreak baking like bread, crust cracking in his voice.

“Jack…I told ya, I’m seein’ a doctor.”

“In another state? Without a goodbye?”

“There’s a specialist here, Jack. Gonna help me figure out my mind.”

“…why didn’t you tell me you were struggling so much, Bruno?”

“Jack, I wake up shakin’ sometimes wishin’ I was a mommy. A mommy…who holds and feeds…”

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