Bruno, Confessing to Home (Bruno Part 8)

“A mommy?” Jack stirred this thought like a thick broth. “Not a daddy?”

“…I just get real messed up, Jack. I don’t know why. My mama and my pop was always real good to us. I made decent money doing construction. You and Rose and all the kids made me feel good…”

“Shhh, ma biche, I think this runs deeper than all that."

Bruno sat silently for a moment. He took a swig from his wine glass.

“Bruno…are you a woman?”

“Do you like cherries, Bruno? They’re Rose’s favorite.” Jack’s voice was singing red and ripe like the bowl of fruit in his hands.

“Love em’, Jack.” He tightened the last screw to the bench he had fixed for Jack. “Thank you for the help, sweet girl.”

Rose responded with a leap onto Bruno’s shoulders, who just laughed and carried her inside. The sun was shining brighter in here.

“Great! I’m making cherry pie for you two.”

Bruno’s memory of the day was jogged by Jack’s red, fertile voice. It stung.

“…I don’t think so Jack…but I don’t know if I’m a man.”

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