Noir: The Plot Thickens

When I pointed at Mr. D. I noticed that most of the dining floor was staring at us.

Bad move Vincenzo!

Was I really pointing at the one man whose anonymity was most important? This woman was disintegrating my whole life in one night. I quickly withdrew my arm, toned down my voice and regained composure.

“This is the way it is darling. Your diamond is with DiSibio and the only way you can get it back is to let me continue to buy it back from him.”

She glared at me. “Continue to buy it back?!” A beat passed, she sank in her seat. The room went back to normal and the droning of humans in dinner conversation recaptured the moment.

“I used it as collateral on the club. We have to calm down here. Give me back my cash, Which you stole and I can keep things running with him.” I tried half-heartedly to fix everything in one sentence. “When I am square with him, I will return it to you, I swear.”

Isn’t it always the folly of men to wish a fix to a dam-break and avoid the flood?

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