Noir: Fools Rush Out

Shouting followed us outside where we came face to face with the hired palooka. His eyes widened, then narrowed again as he took in the situation. A shift in his posture told me what was coming and I threw my left arm up beside my head in time to harmlessly catch his haymaker. I immediately coldcocked him with the pistol.

Cabs were lined up along the curb and I pushed Maryanne into the nearest one.

“Where to, folks?”

“The bus station. Now.

The car began to move. Maryanne looked at me in shock.

“The bus station? Why?”

“You’ll be on the first bus out of town, doll. You have no idea what kind of danger you’re in and, if you want to live, you’ll disappear for a while.”

“But, Nicky, what about my diamond?”

“Forget the damn diamond, Maryanne. It’s what got you into danger. It isn’t yours any longer and never will be again. This is about your life.” And probably mine as well, I thought to myself.

We sat quietly for a few moments.

“A woman in an evening gown on a bus. I’ll look ridiculous, Nicky.”

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