Life Dreams

As I sat with my family this 4th of July I suddenly realized my dream. I’ve been focusing on it a lot lately, trying to be better. I didn’t think it was my dream though. It is my life. You are probably asking yourself, “What is she talking about? Whats the dream? Why should I care?” well I will tell you the answers.
Everyone has a dream in life. Whether it is stupid or not, everyone has one, it most likely is what they enjoy the most in life. My dream is to sing. I know everyone wants to be famous and have a great voice, but it really matters to me. I don’t want to be famous, I just want some people to know what I can do.
Know for the answer that you’ve been waiting for. Why should you care? You should care because we all have a dream and because I know that if you go after your dream and keep working at it, you will get better and maybe even succeed.

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