Sarah played in the yard as Alex kissed Inez in her plastic lounger chair. Everything seemed wonderful. The summer was full of catching fireflies and sleeping until noon and lemonade by the homemade fire pit. Everything was perfect until one night, after Sarah had fallen fast asleep, Alex and Inez made a tent outside to sleep in by the water, under the bright star-filled Louisiana sky.
“Sweet baby, did you know that I love you to the moon?” Alex said, kissing Inez’s neck softly.
A little giggle came from Inez and they watched that moon and made love for the last time.
Like the last leaf falling from autumn trees, a blue butterfly floated down onto Alex’s bare arm.
His naked body seized up from the touch and he shook, his whole body flailing around inside the tiny tent.
Inez’s wept immediately, unsure of what caused this sudden sickness in Alex.
“Baby, calm down! It’s alright, calm down!”
Within three minutes, Alex’s flailing had stopped and Inez held him as his his big black eyes stared up at the full moon.

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