Until Curtain Call (Poem)

Arms wide, I reached for you—
would we embrace, or not?
Eyes turned, delivering my cue—

few fish like to be caught.
Naught have I that gleams or snares,
my lures are made of dreams and thought.

I freed you from your cares
with cheerful laughter and a promise
of safety. Beyond cold layers:

water, air, and past traumas,
dauntless, I preserver and hold on to hope.
Unrequited love fuels my drama

burns all else to ash and smoke.
Memories become mocking shadows in the dark,
rocking waves slap against the boat.

Shivering now, sick in every part of my heart,
I scream and howl into the storm.
In this lonely play, Caliban is my part—

all alone on the stage, I perform.

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