Smile to the one who forgot how.
Laugh with the one who knows no such sound.
Befriend the one who sits so solemnly.
And rejoice that you’ve been given a life,
To help those who wade in strife.

Be the sun to someone’s night.
Be the song to someone’s caged bird.
Be a companion to the leper.
Shine your light into dark wounds,
Illuminate and astound!

Give shelter to a wanderer.
Give food to the starving.
Give love to the unloved.
Your acts of kindness are not in vain,
If you aid to heal someone’s pain.

Lend a hand to the one who fell.
Lend your strength to one who has none.
Lend your warmth to one who has never felt it.
Unite the earth like it once was,
Make all evil and darkness pause.
Take a bow and receive your applause.

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