The Candle That Burned From Both Ends

Call me a liar,
When I’m telling you the truth.
Always I am in ire,
Too serious for a youth.

I can see now that you are sick.
But that doesn’t mean your words don’t hurt.
Your burning from both ends of the candlestick.
I tried to tell you, but in the end we both got burnt.

Your mind’s not healthy.
It’s almost incomplete.
Your contempt for Them is most unhealthy.
Calm down, hold up, just take a seat.

I tried to love you.
I really did.
I have to go. It’s my queue.
The love I asked for was forbid.

I tried to loosen or cut the chain,
But this place of Insanity,
Was not meant for the sane.
Instead I’ll go, and find the key.
Then we’ll be together if it was meant to be.

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