Reality of a Nerd School (The Biology Class )

In biology at a nerd school you never know what you will walk in to find, or what will happen with what is in there. Since it is a biology class you can expect that there will be stuff to do with animals in there like models and posters. Who would expect to walk in the classroom and see the lab room sink full of cow eyeballs.

The cow eyeball isn’t as creepy as it sounds the eye is glazed over so you don’t really feel that they can see you. The part of the eye where the optic nerve was attached feels fuzzy. Over all a cow eyeball is like a big fuzzy grape. At least they don’t smell, at least until they are dissected.

When the cow eyeball is being disected the preserveatives only do so much for the smell. Most peopel dread disecting an eyeball becuase they are very “juicy” and tend to squirt you when you cut in to it with you scalple.

cow eyeballs aren’t the only thing that gets disected in a nerd school’s biology classroom thats for sure.

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