On the Outside

When I reached the mountains I encountered the city of Communion. A simple, beautiful city wrapped in a deep, secret filled silence.

I was met by a woman whose voice was husky with disuse. She was the Speaker to the Outside, the only one who could still talk. From her I learned that it was not the buildings, but the people who were Communion. One mind, one joy.

The day I arrived, a man was condemned publicly for having possessive thoughts. His punishment, exile from Communion for a single minute. I can still hear his screams in my more vivid nightmares.

I spent three days within the oppressive silence, the Speaker acting as my guide and translator, before I was invited to meet the Core. An elderly, kindly looking couple, I was unprepared for the pain of their minds opening mine. In a timeless instant I touched Communion, and all I had to offer to be a part of it was everything.

I came to myself gasping with terror on the floor.

Three days later I left, unable to remain in the pity filled silence.

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