Stealing the Sun

That sweet solitude,
In the serenity of the sun.
Laying unabashed with no one to intrude,
No more problems of the past to outrun.

First the light touches upon my skin,
Then it begins to pleasantly burrow
Until it warms me from within.
Muscles held tight too long, unfurl.

My eyelids droop. It feels so natural.
Rejoicing my freedom silently.
Where the sun’s rays are magical,
And where I need not offer apology.

This is where we all hail from.
This place that cannot be altered.
Are people really that numb
To these sensations that they’ve slaughtered?

Your world consists of one big box,
With measureable dimensions.
In this I am somewhat flummoxed.
For your world is in desperate need of attention.

I can count the walls that surround you at this very moment.
I beg of you, please don’t let this become a habit.
Because as a human and a poet,
I suggest you steal some sun and become a bandit.

There’s a world out there,
That you really should go see.
We’ll head out as a pair,
Because this is how life’s meant to be.

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