This darn thing is weak! I can’t even think of a thing to write. Over and over in my life I have been kept from a win by dumb rules.

Please stop this whack BS!!

I was born a smart guy, but, the man has kept me down for so long.

Ok, I see now, this is fair. We all need to take stock in our good skills and make the least out of the rest. Good plan guys.

So all I can say is, “My bad peeps.”

It is late, this post is crap and I lose one more time.

I have to get back to a good place. A good place which makes me feel sane. The noise that comes, it scares me so much.

Stay off the pipe dude, put it down right now!

Mom? Are you there? I keep an eye on the sky for her, but I do not see.

Dad? Are you there? He left me so long back. He left us all and kept his life for only him. Bad man he was. Am I like him? God hope not!

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