Acting Normal

Mitch stormed out of the Arnold’s farm house. He pedaled off fast, spitting gravel behind his tires, leaving the whole mess in the dust.

One thing was certain, JoAnn was pregnant. He still didn’t know if she was keeping it, but he wasn’t going back there to ask. That meant the Sheriff’s accusations were still valid, and so was his debt. He had to pay up the eight thousand or be charged with rape.

He smacked his fist into the steering wheel. He didn’t even know what Duane was going to ask him to do or how long it would take.

His family was home when he arrived. He quickly showered and tried to forget about the trauma of the day and not to worry about tonight. He seated himself at the dinner table and placed his napkin on his lap.

“How was your day, son?” his mother asked casually.
“Fine. I went for a ride around the park.”
“Yes, old Mr. Sherman said you waved at him today.”
“How was your day, dear?” the conversation turned to the Mayor and Mitch chewed his steak slowly while his stomach turned nervously.

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