Till My Soul Stood Still

Love, it strolled right past me. It was not the tall and dark prince I thought of so many times, but it was right at the norm. I was stripped till my soul was trapped in love’s tide. But still it passed me by. I ran, sailed and flew to find that fine, fine scent it left in my core. I moved the sea. I fought for the hope that I was close to all I had dreamed of. But still it passed me by.

And as my heart broke, I saw, in the light, a figure. My love had come back for me. At last it had come for me.

All things I had hoped for would come to me in due time. To seek is to bear with all of the bumps that lie in the road in front of you. That is why my love passed me by. I had no time to take in the charm of my quest, but once I did, the dreams I had thought of so many times were turned loose on my very life. My dreams are real. My life is whole. And most of all, my love is here.

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