Noir: Contemplation

I stumbled over to my massive leather chair behind my desk and sat.

This is where it all began.

In just 30 hours my whole empire had crumbled – or had it?! “What empire?” I said to the paneled walls.

What do I really want?

I felt great pride and accomplishment in building the Topaz. Sure, I wasn’t about to declare myself ‘independent’ in this treacherous town, but I did will this place into existence, didn’t I?

What will I do tomorrow?

What is the reality of my station? Maryanne was ‘arm candy’ at best, never loyal, never an active participant in my dreams, she gained nothing from me either. More likely, she lost.

Her time in my life is over.

The tentacled blackness of Mr. DiSibio’s organization was covering me more than ever. I had played right into his hands, surely he knew better than I that tonight would come.

He still needs me!

No one could run The Topaz like me. He was right, the club was losing money, but it was not lost – The Topaz is everything to me, I will fix it.

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