Noir: Intruder in the Dark

I checked the bolt on the flat’s entrance door. I turned out all of the lights in the apartment and returned to the living room couch. Again with my gun at hand, I dozed off.

A click from the entrance awoke me. I scrabbled behind the couch, gun at the ready. Whoever had just come in was going to wish he hadn’t. I listened. There was only silence.

My eyes had adapted to the darkness; whoever had just come in would still be temporarily blind. I made my way stealthily toward the door, straining to see anything or anyone that ought not to be there. Finding nothing out of place, I padded through the kitchenette, the bathroom, the bedroom and the living room once again, checking all of the closets along the way. There was nothing.

In the foyer, I carefully flipped on the light. Working my way through the flat again, there was still no sign of anyone. Returning to the front door, I tested the lock. No problem there. Turning, I found that my hat and overcoat were gone from the coat rack.

What the ….?

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