Zero X Nine Series - Laura's Resistance

“What is going to happen to the women, and the children?” Laura spoke in a worry tone.
Inside the kitchen lighting up a smoke, stood Captain Alexander.
Alexander turned to his wife; spoke with no concerns of others. “Let the weak die, and the strong flourish.” He smiled of excitement of the fact people will parish.
“Alexander you can’t be fucking series, these are hard working people here on Zero X Nine.” Laura grabbed onto the sleeves of Alexander trying to find some remorse inside her husband. Just to find a changed man, Alexander raised his hand and came down striking Laura’s lower left cheek.
Laura picked herself up from the kitchen floor; she struggled to the kitchen sink to wipe off the stale blood from her mouth. Laura stood there all through the afternoon, thinking of what to do about the women and children on Zero X Nine.
While Laura was going behind her husbands wishes, Alexander was busy in the haul halting all transportation out of Zero X Nine. Leaving everyone stranded.

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