Surprise Customer

Mitch heard the scuffle of shoes and he stiffened, ready for his next customer. He stayed in the shadows though, in case it wasn’t a customer. The footsteps stopped and there was an eerie silence before the man spoke.

“I’m here for the Viagara.”

Mitch’s blood ran cold. He knew that voice. It was his father! He stayed in the shadows and tried to make his voice gruff, to diguise himself.
“Uh, how many?”
“One dozen.” Mitch blinked. He was glad the man couldn’t see his face. He shook out 12 pills, easy since his hands shook anyway. He waited until the man presented the money, like Duane had instructed him, though how he remembered to do so was a miracle.

Then just like that his father left. Mitch nearly sunk to the ground from the shock. Then he began to wonder where his dad was going, home or to Violette’s.

He followed, moving quickly from shadow to shadow. The Mayor made sure the coast was clear, then boldly entered Violette’s.

Mitch closed his eyes to hold back sudden tears of rage and disappointment.

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