Misery Loves Company

Mitch desperately wanted his hoodie back. He couldn’t deal anymore tonight. His eyes were full of tears and he just ran home. He ran past the part where his legs screamed in protest. He ran past the part where his lungs threatened to come out of his chest. That pain was nothing compared to the loss and anger he felt.

He ran up to his room, threw himself on the bed, and wept. When he could cry no more, he curled up in a ball and closed his eyes, trying to sleep, but his thoughts kept him awake. He couldn’t tell his mother. He’d never be able to look his father in the eye again. He’d never have a normal dinner anymore.

He decided he needed to talk to someone. But who? Who could he trust with this? He wanted to be near people whose lives were as messed up as his was right now. His friends would never understand. As far as he knew, only one person was feeling as low, and that was JoAnn.

It was late, past midnight. What if he sneaked over to her house? Could he wake her alone? He’d have to try.

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