The Field General

Our camp extended for one mile across the backslope of tomorrow’s battlefield. I stood motionless for the first time in 3 days and inhaled the chilled night air. Just across the valley camped our enemy, ruthless invaders, Godless heathens – Barbarians.

At dawn we would gather the units, my commanders and their field banners would guide the twenty thousand men I commanded to their rally points. I was always concerned by the process of mustering the men. Battles were lost here before even first sight of the enemy.

“General, my liege, do you require anything else tonight?” Rodney my trusted aide emerged from the thick entry flap of my tent.

“No Rodney, nothing more tonight, except for your prayers.”

“Of course General, as always.” He retreated into the tent.

Alone again I took a step toward the moonlight, careful not to be seen by any of my officers. I craved solitude under the stars. The last moments before dawn would put my warriors on the field.

To be alone, in my life, was a rare blessing.

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