The frigid air raised its ominous hand and slapped my face. Needles, thousands upon thousands of cold metal pins pierced my nose and forehead. As an icy assassin, it slowly moved down my neck, grabbing my throat, squeezing, stealing my breath, squeezing, strangling the life from me.

I gasped! My breath for life betrayed me. My plea for air went unheard. The dark knight’s air drew its dagger, slashed my throat, at once my lungs were filled with a cold and painful heaviness. Each desperate breath burned. Every inhale, an inferno. I closed my eyes expecting to die. Hoping the end would come.

Devilish air infected my mind. Breathing it’s so excruciatingly painful! Why breath at all? End the agony. Hold your breath. My thoughts forced my mouth closed. Despite the best efforts of waning strength and moaning muscles, my mind was staunchly unwilling to relent its hideous hold. It was a slow suicidal suffocating.ā€”

“Calvin! Close the freezer! I told you ’we’re out of ice cream’.”

ā€” Thine booty hast gone missing!

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