In the Back

My friend, the man on stage, and I hadn’t seen each other for probably three or four years. Not since college. He was a classically trained singer—rather rare voice type, countertenor.
Lost in thought, I had forgotten that he called someone on to stage. Another person I knew! Though I hadn’t seen her since high school.
The man helped her up onto the stage and spoke to her for a moment, asking questions with easy answers like, ’What’s the weather like today?’ until he asked her, “Do you know what you’ve done?”
She looked puzzled. In fact, she didn’t quite understand what he meant.
“I… I don’t know…?” She said, looking out into the audience like someone would give her the answer. The man pulled out a shining knife and stabbed her through her back. Blood began and spread and stain her t-shirt.
Naturally, the handful of people in the audience began to panic. My breath quickened. People tried to open the doors to the room, screaming, but they were sealed shut.

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