“Look at them, Vertorix.”

“I see them very well, Kopal. I’ve been seeing them very well for years.”

“They’re settling for the night. We should attack. Now.”

“No. He watches yet, this general of theirs, and rash action will lose for us what we’ve worked so hard for. I would not see our efforts turn to dust. We cannot eat dust. Calm yourself, Kopal, and wait for the right moment and our people may have bread and meat to fill their stomachs again.”

“We are growing weak with hunger. Waiting will not help.”

“Kopal, you do not know this people as I do. When I went to them for grain, they offered it to me at outrageous prices. When I asked permission to settle on some small slivers of their fertile lands, they laughed in my face. We starve while they grow fat. We ask for aid and they shit on us. They have forced us to take from them what they would not give us and we must take it if you and I and our peoples are to survive. But… we will not do it rashly. We must strike cleanly and decisively.”

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