Nocturnal Visit

Mitch found the farm house dark at 1AM. Curiously, the hot house was lit, a small sliver of light shone under the door. Mitch hid his bike and after gazing into dark windows, decided the bedrooms were upstairs. He climbed the trellis and found JoAnn’s room by the rockstar posters and antique dolls staring blankly at him from a shelf. He tapped the glass until she woke.

“What are you doing here?!” She looked alarmed.
“Calm down, Shh! I need to talk.”
“Dad will come out of the hot house any moment! Get in here!” JoAnn had no choice but to save herself by letting him in.
“Look, I know you probably hate me, but my life is way worse than yours right now.”
“How could y..”
“My Dad just took Viagara and went to Violette’s.”
“So? Everyone knows he’s been cheating!”
“Sure, small town.”
“Like everyone know your Dad sells pot.”
“He does not!”
“He’s drying it right now out in that hot house!”
“Everyone knows!” Mitch eyed her, willing her to see the truth.
JoAnn sighed. “Okay. Let’s talk.”

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