Grand Entrance

The stairs turned sharply right and ended at a door. It was unlocked, leading me to conclude the owner was present. Inside was a room of wood, sparsely furnished with a single straw bed, chest, wardrobe, and furnace in the far right corner. Two young Freeling cubs laughed and tussled without noticing me for a moment. Their father loomed tall and close to my left.

“What do you want? This place is private and you are not welcome.”

I bowed graciously to him. “I am here to ask questions of the owner. You would be him, would you not?”

“I am the owner, but I do not know you.”

“Forgive me. I am Magradel Jenelaire, at your service.” I bowed again.

The Freeling crossed his arms, hiding his surprise. “No, forgive me. I did not recognize you. Jenelaire…” He muttered my name under his breath, eyes distant. “What brings you here?”

“I need answers. You are one who brokers information. Why else would a Freeling run a private club for wealthy Mantihu?”

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