Letting Go

They say if you really love someone you will let them go.

As I watch you walk away, I know what they mean. When I thought I loved you, I clung on. Hard. I was afraid of being without you. I was afraid of you leaving me.

But then one day it clicked. If I loved you, I would let you be you. And if that meant without me, that’s just the way it would have to be. In that moment, I found that I did love you. And so I could let you go. And so I did. And so, gradually, little by little, you have been leaving.

Although overpowered by love, the fear is still there. Oh, sure, you tell me I am your best friend. But I know you better than you realize. I probably won’t see you after today. But I’ll be okay, because that’s what you chose and I want you to be happy because I love you.

Is it possible for a heart to be so full it breaks?

You disappear around the corner without turning back to wave, and I know that it is

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