Ascension: Quarry

“Heaven is a privilege to be earned,” said Kohl, “not a right to be demanded.”

He rested a hand on the gilded terminal before him: gleaming panels pierced by glowing orbs, blind eyes that flickered beneath his touch. “And so expensive to maintain,” he muttered softly. Rousing himself, he gestured briefly towards the shadows, then turned to the Commissioner as a noncon attendant appeared, bearing a single goblet.

“Tell me, Seah,” he began, pausing to drink, “how so many unregistered individuals could have been present on that base without your knowledge?”

The Commissioner, standing before the Provost, was visibly uncomfortable. “There were…irregularities,” he offered.

“Indeed,” replied Kohl, with cold amusement. “And one more irregular than the others. This alien interests me.”

“Alien?” Repeated Seah, cautiously. “Surely you can’t mean…”

Non-Terran,” stated Kohl. “How else could she have survived? And the weapon.”

" I see." Seah swallowed. “But…”

“Find her, Commissioner. For all our sakes.”

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