The Sun Rises

A new day holds the only hope in the world.

After several fitful hours and sleepless dreaming the sound of dawn broke the silence. I could smell the dewy grass outside my tent. Rodney stirred.

I went and stood over him, I wonder what he dreams, what he feels about his service. We all had someone back home. My family had long been secured and beneficiary of my career. They lived an aristocratic life, to whatever whim they wished. My wife rubbed shoulders with other court nobles, my children received the finest education and opportunities. They truly lived while my life had sapped away into vacuous bloody memories.

I had more power than the King out here. One word from me and hundreds would live or die. But really, it was not like that. For the soldier, there is no life and death, there is only the sun rising over a fresh field. Their only hope is those loved ones back home and that same sun shining for them.

“General, come let me dress you for battle.”

“Yes Rodney.” Even I take orders sometimes.

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