Legacy (pt 3)

“It is not like you to look so unsure of yourself Lady Ashe,” his voice was cold, it reminded her of what a true assassin he was. Friend or not she never liked hearing it for the shivers it shot down her back and the goosebumps it rose on her skin.

“Nor is it like you to care either way Alexander,” She shot back but that tended to more often than not make him leave her be, she hoped this time would be an example of him doing so. He did not.

“And that matters to you? Since when? I think it does not Ashe.” He shot it back with so much venom Ashe actually thought for a second that his feelings were hurt. Tcha! Alexander had no feelings!

“I think that it does, dear Alexander. Now tell me,” Turning to face him and into the wind caused her hood to be pushed back slightly by the wind.

In doing so it revealed some of her face but not much, just her own set of dagger like eyes. Though her own were not ice cold blue like Alexander’s eyes. Ashe’s were a dark smoldering green. Somewhere behind them emotions lurked./c

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