Noir (Part 2)

I always took the bus. Owning a car just seemed to complicate things. Getting to work and back every day cost less than a gallon of gasoline, and public transportation helped me remain incognito, no license plate to track me by. Of course, I didn’t really fit in, seeing as how I was the only one on the bus wearing a tan trench coat who wasn’t a, well… who wasn’t the kind of person I was usually sent after.
The riddle popped into my mind again. Brad stared…. my name was Brad, I had a tendency to stare. It was part of my job, which should make this damned riddle much easier to figure out. My inability didn’t just annoy me… it disturbed me. This puzzle reflected myself in more ways than one. It was hard to figure out, much deeper than expected. It’s solution was right in front of your face, yet somehow, unreachable. My contemplation had taken me nowhere, the bus, however, had finally taken me to my destination.

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