Apocalypse World - The Clam

The Clam is a new-world community named for the large clam insignia suspended in the air on a large pole, that has been around longer than even Artemis can remember. It sits on the M, between two hills, a big one to the north, and an almost certainly envious smaller one to the south.

The Clam consists of a petrol station, an old, abandoned restaurant (now sometimes used as an office of sorts) marked by the sign of a small, white, walking chef, and the shanty town that has sprung up between the two. To the north and west is a non-functional transmission tower, a relic from back when the Moon was in one piece.

At the heart of the shanty is the Laundry, a rather amiable pub built primarily out of washing machines. All of the drinks served there are references to washing terminology that everybody has forgotten the true meaning of.

The location of the Clam makes it an essential stop on any journey across the remnants of the country.

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