Bitumen Gutpunch - Enter the Sociopaths - Episode 1

Petra woke to the sound of sirens.

She was used to the sound by now, the giant rusting alarm clock at the heart of their camp. She rolled off T-Bone and quickly dressed. She was hoping for as early a start as possible.

Stepping out from the improvised gazebo attached to the hulking monstrosity that was her bike, she surveyed the camp. Luc looked grumpy in the back of the ambulance, Flynn looked pretty smug on top of it, wearing a scarf that she swore Shithead had been wearing the day before. Marauda and Thunderbell were getting intimate under a blanket, and Dent looked an awful lot like he was wearing a mask. But at least they were awake.

T-Bone stumbled out behind her and helped her pack away the “tent”. Mounting up, she let her massive engines sound the roll out. She could see the gang scrambling to their bikes behind her. She set Hell in her mirrors (Or would have if the view in the mirrors wasn’t completely obstructed by the metal monster they were attached to) and drove.

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