Reality of a Nerd School (The Biology Class ) cont.

About halfway through the year a large garbage bag of dead cats is seen under the ventilationhood. The cats come from the local animal shelter. These cats were the ones who would go in the back door and never come out.

To see the cats on the lab benches is especially hard. They look alive, you look at them expecting to see them move or breathe, it’s disappointing when they don’t. Even the lifeless eyes seem to reflect their pain as their skin is torn from their flesh.

I swear the emotions get to people, they begin to act just plain strange. Before the dissection began a cats head hung out of the ventilation hood, limp and lifeless in its bag. A student bent down and kissed it on the nose. Long and hard as if trying to eat his way through the plastic bag to reach the cat as if there were still some life in it.

Anything that is found to be dead is not safe at a nerd school. I remember when a goldfish went belly-up. Good thing it was dead because I don’t think it would have liked its head being bit off…

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