Optimizing Earth

Taking over this planet was straightforward; optimizing its efficiency is the more rewarding challenge.

The first project is a geothermal power generator. We’ve leveled Mt. Rainier, after removing useful items such as trees. The rock platform that remains will make a stable foundation for our structures and machinery. The primitives who live nearby were most displeased. I can’t understand such folk; don’t they want electricity?

As a bonus, we’re using the excess material to fill in Puget Sound. It was in the way, and a waste of space. The regrade will be extended west and north to join Vancouver Island to the mainland as fill becomes available from other projects, such as removing the Cascade Mountains to improve the flow of moisture to the interior.

To appease the primitives, I’ve offered to remove Florida. This will improve maritime access to the Caribbean and do away with a low, swampy area that harbors dangerous reptiles. I’m sure that, once they think it over, they’ll thank us for our assistance.

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