Bitumen Gutpunch - Enter the Sociopaths - Episode 4

Dent was growing bored.

It was amusing at first, as Newton’s number 2 tried to cheat Petra, and Petra responded with increasingly inventive insults, but these “deliberations” were taking too long. Within moments of their arrival, Luc offered himself up and was taken away, which didn’t sit too badly with Petra, but she thought she should at least be getting profiting by it.

As a creepy guy in a weird mask, Dent commanded a certain air of authority, so when he dismounted his bike, took No. 2 by the shoulder and led him back towards the shop as if to talk, nobody questioned it.

What he ended up saying was “Look, I think it’s pretty obvious that you’re being unreasonable, and you should just give us what we want.” Dent suddenly got the feeling that he was about to be punched.

This did not sit well with Dent, who, as a guy in a mask, was not a fan of any sort of impact with his face. In one fluid motion, he whipped his Magnum from its holster, and brought it to rest with its barrel nuzzled in No. 2’s groin.

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