Falling Apart Versus Fell

Jenkins broke another clipboard yesterday. Someone threw a mouse and took out an ‘Exit’ sign. I think I heard Mallowitz crying in her cubicle on Friday. They fired Molly last Tuesday; nobody knows why.

The Thursday on my desk calendar is mocking me, knowing full well the weekend won’t start today. I shrug and go back to documentation, another note for another encounter with another person in pain. If I don’t do it now my brain will flush the information soon. I think to offer Jackson a hug as she trudges by my office but think better of it.

All this chaos, and I just feel a bit numb. It’s not a bad feeling, just like I’m floating above it all. I still do my job, say the right things and whatnot. People even pat me on the back and say I’m doing great, being a rock or example or something. Kaitlyn in case management brought me cookies on a random Wednesday.

Funny, everyone is crazy because things are falling apart. I guess I’m just not that bothered cause I fell apart a long time ago.

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