Bitumen Gutpunch - Enter the Sociopaths - Episode 5

A gunshot. Followed by the highest pitched scream Petra had ever heard.

The silence lingered for a moment, then all hell broke loose. Three guys came barreling round the corner, and were mowed down by a burst from Petra’s smg. Swinging herself up into the saddle of her bike, she sounded the charge.

Petra didn’t have much first-hand experience with the matter, but she imagined that if she ever found herself met with a stampeding biker gang, she’d get the fuck out of the way. Newton’s goons were of the same mind, ducking and diving to avoid being crushed by the oncoming Gutpunch.

Petra led the gang in a wide sweeping arc, raining hell upon the gas station. It looked like most of the gang was with her. Flynn was still there, exchanging shots with some goons, and Dent was skulking about near a lorry. Amidst the carnage, Luc came pottering from the shop and bolted across the road, flinging himself across T-Bone’s bike.

She didn’t have time to deal with it. They needed respite. They needed a plan…

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