Prologue of sorts

We met on the first day of third grade at Sunset Ridge Elementary. We mutually disliked each other. We weren’t in the same class; so we successfully managed to avoid one another.
Then, on January 12th, our paths crossed again. I was heading over to my friend Abby’s table. I had my plastic tray in front of me. It had Greek yogurt, milk, and jello, my favorites. I had already opened the yogurt. I’ve always been clumsy.
Owen stood up at precisely the wrong moment. I tripped. It was horrible. He had jello on his face and yogurt down his shirt. I felt guilty, so I helped him get cleaned up.

The next day, he sat by me at lunch, From then on, we were best friends, always there for each other. I held his hand when his baby sister Violet was born. He went to my brother Eli’s 8th birthday party so I wouldn’t have to be alone. We were there for each other through rumors and heartbreak, and eventually, our new friendships with Kayla and Sean. But most of all, he stood by my side when my mom died two years ago.

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